Javier Padín Martínez, founder of Malvecin, began his professional career in 1983. He focused on the public works sector, planning and implementing projects hired by city councils, county councils and other official bodies, although, also by private entities.
Due to the success of his work and the increase in the hiring, a limited company was established as Javier Padín Martínez S.L. in 1988 with the purpose of expanding the type of activity that had been carrying out until that moment.
In 1997, the corporate purpose was changed because of a business strategy directed towards diversifying market and, once againexpanded its working lines. Since then, Malvecin also covered the hiring of all kind of works, public services management and technical consultancy and assistance; gardening and landscaping, construction of recreational sites; sports grounds, management, projects, development and maintenance in scenarios both landscape (urban and rural) and environment on the whole. In the same way, the business activity was expanded towards the management of public spaces and its systems and facilities like parks gardens or children´s playgrounds and on the other hand, the civil engineering branch was expanded towards the public lighting system. As a result of abovementioned business strategy, the corporate name was changed to Malvecin, S.L. in 2000.
At present, our company covers different working lines that can be classified into three large departments: Civil engineering, Heritage restoration and Landscape Architecture and Research and Development.