Mount of San Pedro Park

 Authors of the project: Pedro Calaza, Javier Padín y Juan José López de Heredia.

 Execution years: 1999-2007.

 This large public park, real green lung of the city, is fruit of a series of projects and transformations that began at the end of the last century, originated by an increasing concern for the restoration of an old military space with important historical and cultural significance. We emphasize among its values, the archaeology, the historical and didactic contain, the astonishing sea view and its potential like an impressive viewpoint towards the city.


Hillsides of the Paxariños Park restoration project

Authors of the project: Pedro Calaza Martínez, Javier Padín Martínez, Ignacio Campos Niño and Juan José López de Heredia.

Year of the project: 2007.

The project was commissioned by the Lugo City Council in order to embody the ideas to execute a large park in Fontiñas Avenue area because it is a large green area with a very important landscape and environmental potential. This project would complete in some way the avenue that already exists in the Rato River, which is very near this place.


Obelisk Embroidered Parterre

Authors: Pedro Calaza Martínez and Javier Padín Martínez.

Execution year: 1999

 Design and execution of green space as a embroidered parterre with baroque, geometric and rational strong influences, looking for some inspiration lines in consensus with the elements of the environment, defined by a strongly formal character and determined by the obelisk presence, the new paving and the determining factor of the lighting elements and street furniture of historical typology.


Treatment project of intermediate and interior spaces inside the zone PEP (Special Protection Plan) of Dombate Dolmen

Year of the project: 2004

Author: Pedro Calaza Martínez.

 At present, the Dombate Dolmen is protected by a special plan owing to its category of Property of Cultural Interest (in the past had the category of Historical-Artistic Provincial Monument) by virtue of the Law 16/85 of Spanish Heritage. This protection conditioned not only the design options but also the methodological approach to the writing of this project.


Islamic religion cemetery aconditioning project at La Coruña (Ministry of Culture)

Authors: Pedro Calaza Martínez, Javier Padín Martínez, Ignacio Campos Niño and Juan Jose López de Heredia.

Execution year: 2004

 The work projected was inspired in the search for a balance between design philosophy of Islamic gardens and one of the determining factors enforced by the developer that was the development of an open museum by way of Words Houses. To that end, we suggested the division of the inside space in four sectors inspired in the supposed rivers that divided the world from the point of view of the Mesopotamian. The number four had a big meaning for Persian in fact this number was the central element of their gardens design.


Project of urban tree integral management at La Coruña

Year of the Project: 2007-2011

Authors: Pedro Calaza Martínez, Lucía Rodriguez Quintanilla and Patricia de Azpiazu López..

 This work of tree integral management in the municipal district of La Coruña city was begun in 2007 and finished in 2011. Its fundamental aim was the execution of an inventory and, for that reason different works of identification, measuring, cataloguing and at last, botanical, dendrometric and biomechanical classifications of the existing specimens were developed, emphasizing the great plant wealth that exists in our city.


Integral control of OPHIOSTOMA NOVO-ULMI in Coruña city

Year of the Project: 2008-2011

Authors: Pedro Calaza Martínez, Lucía Rodriguez Quintanilla and Patricia de Azpiazu López..

 As the result of the urban tree management works, this company identified the graphiosis presence in the elms of the city and after the consequent alert to the council services, a work protocol directed to try to preserve the specimens potentially capable of being attacked was defined. Thus, different meetings and informative talks were carried out to look for a homogeneous work line of all the companies in charge of the urban tree management in the city.


Santa Margarita park study

Year of the Project: 2011

Authors: Pedro Calaza Martínez, Lucía Rodríguez Quintanilla and Patricia de Azpiazu López.

 Santa Margarita Park is located in the city centre and was designed as an urban-forest park with a species selection and some plantation frameworks with a doubtful technical justification in the 70´s. The change of use, the increase of the visitors, the ageing of the trees, the passing of the years and the lack of fertile ground are some of the causes that have caused that, nowadays, this green lung presents a declining condition.


Design proposals to build La Coruña BOTANICAL GARDEN

Year of the draft: 2008

Authors: Pedro Calaza Martínez and Javier Padín Martínez.

 The Bens park, located at the municipal area of La Coruña, takes up over an area of more than 60has, its orography and special site lend it some extraordinary characteristics. From the beginning of the eighties, its hillsides were the municipal rubbish dump, but the accumulation of garbage reached its limit when took place its collapse on the 10th of September, 1996. This accident promoted a serious discussion and an intense reflection that gave rise to a new philosophy and a completely different way to deal with the problem, from a modern and committed with the environment conservation point of view.


Writing dossier of MENDEZ NUÑEZ HISTORIC GARDENS at La Coruña as "Heritage of Cultural Interest"

Year of the Project: 2007

Authors: Pedro Calaza Martínez, Javier Padín Martínez, and Juan Jose López de Heredia.

 We wrote a document to initiate a dossier of declaration of the gardens as BIC (heritage of cultural interest), owing to its cultural, historical, social and botanical importance. We tried to safeguard and to enhance the garden history dated 1867, the great variety of artistic and sculptural elements, and the large biodiversity in tree plantations and shrubby botanical species.


Maintenance and conservation of green areas in La Coruña city council

Interval: 1997-today

Authors: Pedro Calaza Martínez, Lucia Rodríguez Quintanilla and Patricia de Azpiazu López.

 Our company have more than fifteen years of experience in green spaces integral management that includes parks, gardens, green infrastructure, urban trees...


Project of environmental refurbishment at Meicende reservoir

Authors: Pedro Calaza Martínez and Ignacio Campos Niño.

Execution year: 2001

 To attain a design appropriate with the context and urban-rural framework of the area, we developed a deep analysis of the topography, the surroundings of the existing buildings, the own reservoir, roads, the climate, the possible uses of the zone and the determinants imposed by the promoters. This study resulted in a solution that intend to prepare in the most natural way possible, the environment of the reservoir to create an use of public park with own identity.