Paxariños Park Restoration

Hillsides of the Paxariños Park restoration project

Authors of the project: Pedro Calaza Martínez, Javier Padín Martínez, Ignacio Campos Niño and Juan José López de Heredia.

Year of the project: 2007.

Execution year: 2007.

Project execution company: Malvecin, S.L.

Total amount: 2.832.935 euro.

 Description: The project was commissioned by the Lugo City Council in order to embody the ideas to execute a large park in Fontiñas Avenue area because it is a large green area with a very important landscape and environmental potential. This project would complete in some way the avenue that already exists in the Rato River, which is very near this place.

 Before we began to carry out the project, all the determinants of the physical environment were analyzed and the general idea of trying to keep and improve the existing vegetation and the water plays was taken into account, since the whole framework of the park conception is developed from them.

 So, the central elements are the tree groups of chestnuts, oaks, poplars... and the existing springs, that are canalized to create artificial waterfalls and ponds that improve its use and enjoyment. The design philosophy was focused on the points written up bellow:

  • - Gentle and winding lines, avoiding the use of straight lines.
  • - Adaptation morphology area as far as possible.
  • - Use of street furniture elements that may be integrated in the scene without visual impact.
  • - Use of hard materials that ere in accordance with design philosophy.

 According to the established principles, it was planning in an all-round and gentle design line, looking for the contrast between the well-cared off areas (like grass areas) located in the entrance areas of Fontiñas Avenue and on the north parking, and those natural zones that give by themselves the tree groups and the background plantations.

 The landscape areas were designed with species perfectly adapted to the present climate, forming groups of high ornamental level as regards composition and chromatic plays. For that reason, from the first, we tried to give different and spectacular chromatic patches depending on the time of the year.

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