Malvecin S.L is a private company that works in landscape architecture, civil engineering and construction sector. It was founded in 1983 by Javier Padín and its headquarters are located in La Coruña (Spain).
Its main activities are design, project and construction of scenarios in urban and natural environments carrying out works in all branches concerning landscape architecture; covering infrastructure services, civil engineering, sport fields, bioengineering, parks and gardens, sustainable territorial development, botanical gardens, restoration of degraded areas and maintenance of public spaces (including management and conservation of green spaces and urban forestry, lighting, urban equipment like children´s playgrounds and urban furniture).
Malvecin operates taking into account the knowledge of different landscape architecture disciplines, engineering (in its various branches), architecture, research and innovation and always trying to find the best solution characterized by the strength of its own identity.
To this end, Malvecin has a multidisciplinary team composed of Ph.D in engineering, engineers, architects, historians, specialized technical staff... Our working methodology tackles any problem from different points of view, with special emphasis on context analysis, and provides a particular scope of each project, incorporating social, environmental, cultural, historical and intrinsic values of every scenario.
In the same way, we have a research and development department (R&D Department) that carries out scientific and technological research projects, with special emphasis on methods and processes of urban nature, collaborating with private sector firms and working side by side with several universities departments. As a result of these scientific researches, we published various articles in sector magazines and technical books, as well as papers and lectures that were presented in national and international scientific congresses.
Our team members try that the result of their project express a balance between the different agents that take part in the design, looking for harmony and a contemporary solution in keeping with the city-nature binomial. For that, they are inspired by the interests of the society, the human condition, the natural and traditional values and the genius loci, always in constant balance with the research and innovation, and with the aim of creating more rational "metropolis" in the framework of sustainability.