Constructed works and restoration


Plaza Horta do Cura (priest´s vegetable garden square)


The work was the urbanization of the adjacent plot, named Horta do cura, with Saint Mary Romanesque Catholic church at Cambre. It was equipped with rainwater harvesting systems and street lighting, masonry theatre for open-air cultural acts, stone block Lugo paving and compacted jabre (decomposed granite) roads, ornamental masonry fountain, street furniture and landscaping with automatic spray watering.


"Iglesiario" at La Grela urbanization


In the environment of the "iglesiario" (country property that, by virtue of their duties, is enjoyed by the priest to his comfort and recreation) at La Grela, restored like municipal training workshop, we developed the area urbanization consisting of the construction of granite ashlar retaining walls, paving with granite flagstones and cobblestones as well as the installation of rainwater harvesting systems, plumbing, street lighting, electricity supply and telephony connection.

Brozo bridge restoration


Restoration of a roman bridge located at Sabon industrial area and its environment landscaping. It was necessary to make some pieces using traditional methods to replace the dilapidated areas owing to the passing of time and to rebuild the walls. Moreover, after cleaning the undergrowth and vegetable remains, we proceed to lay the kerbs stones and the granite stones gravel.

Vault ampliation at rio Monelos street


When was extended the General San Jurjo avenue, that goes over the bridge at Rio Monelos street, it was necessary the prolongation of the stone vault bridge. The original facades were moved to the new alignment with the aim of achieving an adequate aesthetic appearance, for that reason, the first vault and its surrounding wall were dismantled and numbered. The new granite segments were assembled and over them was executed another reinforced concrete vault. Its superior zone was urbanized and provided with floor tile sidewalk and an asphalt road.

Andrade castle interpretation centre


We carried out the outside cleaning, the medieval tower walls restoration and the placing of copper gargoyles to the roof rainwater collection. With regard to the inside part, our task was the installation of all the museum elements, such as informative panels, screening room for audiovisual films, furniture or lighting, to create the interpretation centre.

Andrade castle 


The work consisted in carrying out the clearance of all the undergrowth that surrounded the castle, as well as the elimination of an adjacent rest area to replace it with a sand-gravel approach road and a garden more appropriate to its historic environment.

Vault in San Amaro chapel cemetery


In the chapel situated in San Amaro cemetery entrance, we were carried out the exterior restoration of the stone vault. We undertook the brushwood and vegetation clearance, the cleaning of "dovelas" (carved stone in wedge formation to form arches or vaults) by means of pressurized water and the reinforcement of joint sealants.

Visit circuitat Elviña iron-age settlement


To delimit and give easier access to Elviña iron-age settlement, we developed some improvement works in the visit circuit. For example, we can cite the boundary stone collocation in side way, and the wooden autoclaved banister, entrance stairs and platforms installation. During the work execution, there was constant vigilance to avoid damage in the archaeological remains.

Elviña iron-age settlement


 During various archaeological excavations campaigns, it was carried out auxiliary excavations, collaborating with archaeologist, in addition to restoration and excavated areas consolidation labours. For that reason, walls were built to differentiate the restored areas.

Hercules tower historic heritage maintenance and conservation


In this area, two actuations were carried out. Firstly, the roof waterproofing and the perimeter drainages were renovated in the auxiliary building used as wardrobe, warehouse and public services. Besides, the ashlar slabs in the entrance area were repaired and various works to solve water filtrations were executed. Secondly, we provided the access platform with bronze gargoyles to collect rainwater and also several bronze windows in the own tower building were restored.