Urban tree integral management

Project of urban tree integral management at La Coruña

Year of the Project: 2007-2011

Authors: Pedro Calaza Martínez, Lucía Rodriguez Quintanilla and Patricia de Azpiazu López..

Construction company: Malvecin, S.L.

Total amount: 300.000

 Description: This work of tree integral management in the municipal district of La Coruña city was begun in 2007 and finished in 2011. Its fundamental aim was the execution of an inventory and, for that reason different works of identification, measuring, cataloguing and at last, botanical, dendrometric and biomechanical classifications of the existing specimens were developed, emphasizing the great plant wealth that exists in our city.

 In the same way, phytopathology and physiopathy studies were carried out, identifying the existing pathologies and alerting the city council to the presence of terrible diseases like the dutch elm disease and so take the necessary steps.

 Another mainstay of this management was the biomechanical assessment of the specimens with potential risk indicators, to achieve a safe and reliable green wealth and, therefore, the necessary studies were developed and for that, the specimens were administered by means of a geographical information system.

 Two kinds of studies were developed, on one hand using visual inspection (Visual Tree Assessment method, Matheny and Clark method and SIA method) and on the other one, using instrumental testification by means of tools like fractometer, arbosonic, resistograph, sonic tomography and electric impedance tomography.