Business lines

Our business lines are classified into the following main groups:

Landscape architecture.

Malvecin carries out designs, drafts, projects, reports, master plan and diagrammatic scheme relating to development and land planning, parks and gardens, spots fields, greenways, green infrastructure, public squares, as well as analysis and improvement and biodiversity conservation proposals.

 We have always performed works from a prism of technical and scientific excellent in different fields of landscape architecture since fifteen years ago. In the same way, we carry out specialized studies about edaphology, botany, engineering in slope stabilization and river and stem restoration, biomechanical and hazard tree assessment using sonic and electric impedance tomography, phytopathology, IPM, sustainability indicators...

 At last, we also develop green and sports spaces management and maintenance works with geographical information system and GSM and global irrigation system management, optimizing all available resources.

Civil engineering and building.

Malvecin has developed numerous infrastructure and construction works in urban environment since 1983:

  1. Wiring.
  2. Sewerage, drainage and water supply.
  3. Resurfacing work: paving and asphalting.
  4. Walls and stairs.
  5. Paths and roads.
  6. Topography and earth moving works.


Heritage restoration.

Malvecin has a consolidated experience in heritage restoration and in-depth knowledge for restoring historical and artistic scenarios, thanks to our team composed of experts on history, archaeology and fine arts. Specifically, we develop detailed studies and restoration works of the following elements:

  1. Sculptures.
  2. Patrimonial stone elements.
  3. Historical buildings.
  4. Museology.
  5. Museography.
  6. Artistic and museologic interpretation.

Green spaces, spots fields and urban furnishing management and maintenance.

This work line, in some ways a complementary approach to the previous ones, represents a competitive improvement with regard to other companies because, in a sense, we know the implications that entail a good original design suitable for its operation and management in the long term. For example, we know in advance the maintenance type that will be required by a certain design and for that reason we never forget that pre-established maintenance during the development of the project without changing its essence, because we are aware of the relevance of the design-maintenance binomial and the strong connection between them. Consequently, we always design bearing that handicap in mind and adapt our work to the needs and requests of each client. In that sense, we have many years of experience working in management and maintenance of the following scenarios:

  1. Green spaces, parks, gardens, squares, and greenways.
    1. Maintenance and improvement of green spaces both historical and of new creation.
    2. Differential and rational management.
    3. Natural and human resources optimization.
    4. Integrated pests management.
    5. Management via Geographical Information System and irrigation control via GSM with ETP differential adjustment.
    6. Environmental indicators study.
  2. Children´s playgrounds. Study and installation. Playgrounds certification. Periodic inspections according to the European standards.
  3. Street lighting.
  4. Street furniture. Periodic inspections. Rational system management via GIS.
  5. Urban trees. Specialized studies of floral catalogue, biodiversity, dendrometry, biomechanical, risk of structural collapse management using modern systems of sonic tomography and electric impedance, ...

Research, Development and innovation.

Malvecin has carried out business innovation and research and development projects focused on city naturation, urban landscape and forestry. We are a company that believe in more ecological, healthier, easier to live and greener cities and consequently, we bet on that essence.
We have collaborated in studies of urban forestry rational growth processes, using timber spin-off as cultivation substratum, comprehensive management studies of trees and hazard tree management by means of geographical information system and biomechanics assessment using technical diagnosis tools.
Lately, we are developed a research project, subsidized by the regional government, which purpose is the development of a green roof construction system adapted to special edaphological and climatic conditions in Galicia. Everyone is conscious of the great demand of green construction systems, specifically green walls and green roofs, that exists in our cities. In fact, there are different tools used as environmental indicators in landscape and planning development works of important cities, for example Berlin, Malmo, Seattle... The problem lies in the complexity characterized by the enormous differences of temperature, humidity, vegetation, exposition, substratum, precipitations, etc, of each zone in particular. For that reason is essential carry out a particular study of each place to preserve the biodiversity and to optimize its environmental, aesthetic, and economic benefits.